Developing Compassionate Encounters: Illuminating cravings that dominate relationships and clearing cloudy perceptions

I have just discovered Sarah Napthali’s new book, ‘Buddhism For Couples’ and devoured it! I love her warm non judgemental way of writing and sharing of other’s stories and research! There are so many gems in this book for how to relate to our loved ones, I plan to reread it slowly and process it, but just one reading has me focussing on the positives and feeling better about my relationship! Thank you to ‘Unravelling Reality’ for this blog ūüôā

Unravelling Reality

Featuring an excerpt from “Buddhism for Couples: A calm approach to being in a relationship by Sarah Napthali.

I have been going through an especially difficult time in my relationship right now, though reading this book is helping to provide insights and understandings to the ever growing complexities of relationships. Below is one important except that seems quite relevant to both myself and my partner currently; I hope I can apply the wisdom contained within and perhaps this well help others in similar situations remember to do this too.

Seeing our partners with a beginners mind  

“Some of us see our partners as a mass of flaws. At the worst of times, we see our partner as a drain on our energy or as best avoided. We may perceive them in terms of an exchange relationship: as someone who gives this much and takes that much. Whichever way we perceive…

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Mindful Parenting

Positive Disscipline Connection_blog

Really this whole blog is about how I’m trying to be more mindful in my life and particularly as a parent…’s an incredibly challenging thing to do….especially as the chaos of family life escalates in that pre-dinner craziness!¬†¬† Still I like with mindfulness that there is no right or wrong, you just keep coming back to it, pulling your attention back to the present moment.¬†
I’ve been practising mindfulness daily now since 2011 and slowly I can see that I am more able to think before I speak, more able to make good choices when really angry, more able to laugh and see the funny side….yet at times, almost every day¬†it seems that I am yet again mindless and unaware and caught up in my thoughts and feelings, what a life long challenge!

What I am really excited about is that since 2012 I have been facilitating parenting programs (In Alice Springs and now on the Mid North Coast of NSW).    These programs teach parents how to be mindful, particularly in stressful situations and explain the importance of being able to stop, pause, reflect on what the present moment needs and regulate our own emotions before we launch into responding to our children or to the stressful situation

I have found that all parents from all backgrounds like learning about this and come back the next week with stories about how they put it into place! Wouldn’t it be great if we could all access these skills and prevent harm from happening to children the world over!
One of those programs is Positive Discipline and another is Bringing Up Great Kids (Check out their great FREE Mindful Parenting booklet on )

I love that saying that we teach what we most need to learn and that certainly is the case for me! Each time I teach a workshop or write this blog it helps me to stay more mindful with my children! I am facilitating some Introduction to Positive Discipline Workshops in August, with the emphasis being on mindfulness. More information is at Hope to see some of you there!