Painful muscles after maximum mindfulness in snow!

Just have to add that I wrote the last post, and then for the next two days was so sore I couldn’t move without groaning!!! Another form of mindfulness???? I was in the present moment for every movement as my muscles complained…..and then I began complaining!!

Got me thinking how in Buddhism everything can be labelled as pleasant, neutral or unpleasant… And we can crave the pleasant, and try to avoid the unpleasant… Neither bringing much contentment! This helped me in the rest of the ski holiday (so much easier to do on holiday out of the real world chaos) to notice and label events as ‘pleasant’ or ‘not pleasant’ and somehow this labelling helped me to not get too caught up in the thought spiral and emotion attached to events, and sure enough the scenario would change frequently…fight – unpleasant, scenery- pleasant, wind blowing snow into face- unpleasant, cup of hot chai- pleasant…..somehow it helped not getting attached to any scenario. This was only in a very small way, so much harder with bigger life events, but hopefully good practice?


Full Moon Mindfulness

As I was walking on dusk last night, watching the beautiful blues and pinks and the near full moon, I caught myself thinking ‘WOW this will be great tomorrow night, we should come down here and see the FULL moon!   Planning a perfect moment….when actually the moon was perfect right then and there….no need to plan for a better night or moment, I just needed to absorb the moment as it was….

Who knows what will happen in the future, too many times I plan for the future then when I get there I wistfully long for the past….all we really have is right now…

Its so challenging to remember that even when I’m walking along a beautiful beach….let alone when things are tough….so much to learn and practice!

I hope you enjoy a full moon moment… no matter how fleeting!

Just have to add a postscript: the next night was filled with clouds and NO SIGN of full moon!!! Lucky I’d caught myself and enjoyed it when it was nearly full!